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Business Helicopter Charter

A business helicopter charter can not only be a time efficient way of getting from meeting to meeting but also a comfortable, work efficient and cost effective method of transportation.


Helicopter hire for business

A business helicopter charter allows private individuals or small groups to circumvent traffic and get to their destination on time, unstressed in a relaxed and comfortable environment with speed and convenience. Exclusive private helicopter hire can be used to get you or your clients to a corporate, hospitality or sporting event in style and comfort.

Allow one of our charter managers who will be available 24/7 to tailor your itinerary to the finest detail including scheduling all of the additional logistical arrangements. Fill out the form below with your detailed requirements and we will do the rest.

Why use Helipartnership?

With full UK coverage, an extensive fleet of helicopters, a dedicated charter manager available 24/7, highly experienced charter team including commercial helicopter pilots, Helipartnership is well placed to cater for all your executive charter requirements. Call us on 0116 348 5425 or email us charter@helipartnership.com.

Benefits of a helicopter charter for business

  • Time efficient - avoid wasting time at the wheel sitting in traffic when you can work in a relaxed and comfortable environment, avoid overnight stays by utilising a helicopter charter.

  • Convenient & versatile - Avoid waiting for connecting public transport services and take advantage of the helicopter’s versatility and simply fly direct to your destination.

  • Flexible travel - Carry out multiple flights to/from more than one destination fulfilling numerous business meetings in a single day

  • Client hospitality - Helicopter hire for business can be the ideal way of entertaining VIP clients, flying into a corporate or sporting event

  • Cost effective - when taking into consideration the points above it can be a very cost effective method of transport